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"A stupendous Country French reference guide... it's like having a designer by your side whispering what IS done and not done! Having my own Interior Design business for over 20 years, and as an A.S.I.D. Allied Member, I only wish that I had this book before now in my office reference library to use as a design tool with my clients! The exemplary photographs serve as a superb "talking-tool" when discussing the many details and design options available to anyone designing a kitchen, whether Country French or another style. Kitchens are the center of activity in any house and quite often, the most expensive renovation cost when updating or designing a house. Carolina Fernandez does a brilliant job of explaining the details found in a Country French kitchen which instantly relay an aire of authenticity.... making it inviting, timeless, functional and unique to the owners who create it. My interior design mantra is to make any interior look as if it has always been there, just comfortably embellished with time, nothing new or over the top decorated. Her advice on using antique doors as the front facade of a closet, antique glass in the cabinets, and using light fixtures that have a patina of their own endorse what I try to create in my interiors. You are in for a treat when you see the myriad of lovely Country French kitchens photographed from various angles and read her enchanting commentary!" H.H., Connecticut

"I loved this book. It was wonderfully written, to the point and finally a decorator's book without all the fluff. There is a diversity of French kitchens and also there are many kitchens featured. I was able to get great ideas for my future kitchen. I highly recommend this book." M.S., Connecticut

"The book is exquisitely written by an author who accomplishes her goal of not only informing and educating, but also inspiring the reader to inject "a joy of living" into the most used room of the house. The photography is beautiful, with detailed captions for every shot written in a way that made me appreciate the motivations behind the homeowners. Anyone who is thinking about enhancing their kitchen, from simply changing the decorations to doing a full blown renovation will find this book to be an excellent investment. I highly recommend this book even if your preferred style is not Country French as you will pick up ideas that can be universally applied to anyone looking to make their kitchen warmer and more useful." E.F., New York

"I always thought a country French kitchen had to be swathed in Pierre Deux fabrics. What a wonderful surprise to find that Carolina Fernandez has taken the time and her keen eye to find so many variations on a theme. This is a very handsome, visually exciting book with wonderful ideas for creating an amazing variety of country French kitchens. Her intimate text is a refreshing look at the homeowners' passions and is a true complement to the photos that zoom in on the detailed vignettes." Diana Gessler, Author, Very D.C., Very Californian, Very Charleston, Very New Orleans, Florida

"C'est magnificent!! Get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. This is a beautiful book. One that you will not want to put down. I felt as if I were in France hunting for ideas for a new kitchen. It is obvious the author put a lot of forethought into the book. It is very well planned and very pleasing to the eye. I would also love to see a book on Country French bathrooms!! When you buy one for yourself, make sure you pick up one (or more) for a gift. You will not be disappointed." L. C., Kentucky

"I enjoyed Country French Kitchens like a wonderfully prepared French meal.
I savored every single beautifully written and photographed page. Having spent part of my youth exploring the art of French cooking, this book is truly an authentic representation of my experience. I applaud the author
for her thorough research on country French style and for taking us on a luxurious tour of the possibilities. Bravo!
Deborah Burns, Principal,
Burns Communications, LLC

"Carolina Fernandez's Country French Kitchens is a beautiful book. With stunning photography and attractive layout--no holds barred by the publisher here!-this is an exquisite addition to my design library. Fernandez's writing, polished and professional, transports the reader to each kitchen. Every artistically selected design detail has you wanting to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with her. For anyone thinking of renovating a kitchen...or simply wanting to vicariously peek into someone else's...this is a dreamy way to accomplish both." Jane Pollak, Author, Soul Proprietor

"As I sat in my bland, contemporary kitchen reading through Ms. Fernandez's lovely table top book, I realized it was time for a change...I allowed the windmills of my mind to spin. I saw for the first time such great potential inspired by the many innovative, functional yet beautiful designs that the author included in her colorful, informative, well-written book. I highly recommend Carolina Fernandez's, Country French Kitchen book to spur your own thoughts and imagination or to give as a gift to complement someone's already designed kitchen. I trust you enjoy this book as much as I!" P.C. Southampton

"Carolina Fernandez has done a remarkable job of selecting a wide range of real kitchens from real people who clearly have a real passion for what is arguably the finest room in the home. There is no question that the kitchen is the place where family, friends, great food and conversation all come together, and Country French Kitchens is testament to that. Thank you for opening these doors and inviting us into your world and perspective of what will surely become a go-to book for everyone's favorite room." J.B., Maine

"I am thrilled that this is not yet another showcase of photos of kitchens in France, rather this book shows you numerous country french kitchens that are authentic and absolutely true to the style, yet there is no sacrificing of practicality. The book stands on its own if you just want to see beautiful and inspiring kitchens or just like french country style, but goes the extra step for readers who want to see how the style can be creatively adapted to kitchens in which real people actually cook, entertain and congregate with their families here and now in the US. I also was impressed by the quality of presentation and photographic excellence." L.J., Ohio

"Carolina's joie de vivre burst forth on every page! She not only writes about joy, she lives and breathes it. Regardless of whether you a bigger, better newer person or an older, quaint and time-worn person - you will find inspiration in this book, through its pictures but more importantly through its written message." Sharridan Grer, For Friends!, Lexington, KY

"This helpful guide will bring some joie de vivre into your home decor...Through the many color photographs and descriptive text, Fernandez provides details, showing marble-top tables for rolling pastry, soapstone sinks to wash vegetables, and open cabinets and hanging utensils for easy access in food preparation. The colors used in her kitchens are warm, earthy tones: some feature antiques, while others employ art for accents and function...While some of the kitchens are in newly constructed homes, other kitchens are renovations in older and some antique homes. Custom-designed cabinetry combined with collectibles, texture, such as exposed antique beams and other natural materials, make each kitchen unique and personal." The Lexington Herald-Leader  

"Carolina Fernandez researched forty-five kitchens for her book. Walking into her own kitchen will make you feel as if you've taken off to the French countryside." Stamford News  

"Author Carolina Fernandez explains what country French style is and how to achieve this look through choice of materials, appliances, use of arts and antiques and a reliance on simplicity and beauty. Dozens of photos show us how to achieve the desired look." Newsday

"It might seem as if the odds are stacked against your incorporating country French style into your kitchen. After all, more than 4,000 miles, the Atlantic Ocean and that failing grade you earned in French class widen the gap between you and that French joie de vivre--joy of living. But don't give up just yet. Country French Kithcens by Carolina Fernandez makes crossing over from American style to country French look as easy--and tasty--as French toast, french fries, and, dare we say, French kissing." South Bend Tribune

"Super Dee Douper! What an amazing book!!!! Beautiful pictures! Very well done!" A.N.

 "Starting with what makes country French kitchens so appealing to Americans, the book explains that it's the value the French place on enjoying life to its fullest that is so attractive. Subsequent chapters focus on the fundamental design differences between American and French kitchens, such as the French notion that decor should reflect family histories and stories. This is contrasted with the American preference for a kitchen worthy of the pages of a glossy magazine. The book also covers expressing personal style, infusing that joie de vivre, and using texture and tactile elements, art and antiques following authentic country French principles." Olrando Sentinel

"Loved this one! The pictures in this book are wonderful and tons of great information to back them up. MY NEW FAVORITE!" A.P.

"Incredible kitchens! I guage a book by its pictures, and this one delivers 100%. Gorgeous, inspiring kitchens. Worth every penny." C.G.

"Warmth and comfort radiate from the pages of this book as readers take a tour of well-lit, colorful and practical kitchens in homes in Connecticut and New York state. The author explains the choices of textures, fixtures and floor plans to ensure authenicity in style and function. Bright, colorful photos, many revealing a fondness for light yellow, orange and brown,  provide examples of the wide variety of styles and personal choices involved in creating a country French kitchen." Pam Robinson  

"...a great kitchen design book, which is a must-see if your taste skews traditional/country in any way.  Country French Kitchens...written by Carolina filled with kitchens that adhere  to the basic "Country French" decor principles in the Connecticut and New York areas." CityHammer 

"Brilliant!!! To me the kitchen is the heart of a home. The featured kitchens are what I call treu country kitchens. This is a very informative book, and the pictures are just beautiful. I am so glad I bought it. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I am." Lisa G.

"I asked for this for my birthday and I am absolutely thrilled with it. If I were re-doing my kitchen now I honestly wouldn't be able to decide what route to go in because of all the ideas here. I must say one of my favorites is the brown and pink kitchen. Who would have thought! It's packed with beautiful photos and charming ideas. It would make a great coffee table book too." Florida




Country French Kitchens
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